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Festival Awards:

Las Vegas Black Film Festival – Best Feature Winner

Kingdom wood Christian Film Festival – Gold 1st Place Winner

Capital City Black Film Festival [Austin, Texas] 2nd place Winner

Peachtree International Film Festival – Featured Opening Film

BronzeLens Film Festival – Official Selection

Conflict of Interest
(Feature Film)

This soul-stirring story of love betrayal & forgiveness reveals that family is God's most precious gift to us.


Directed by Tommy Ford

Screenplay by Susan-Sojourna Collier



This thrilling story about love, betrayal and forgiveness, centers on Gabriel Winters, a successful no nonsense Deputy District Attorney, with an adoring and equally as successful husband(Jordan)and beautiful college age daughter (Asia). One day a case lands on her desk that threatens to expose a secret she has kept hidden for years. Could Donte, the alleged graffiti artist she is now prosecuting, be the SECRET that has haunted her for years? In her quest to find out the truth about Donte and yet maintain her secret, Gabriel begins breaking all the rules and her life is spiraling out of control; Jordan is disturbed by his wife's unusual behavior and now believes that Gabriel is involved with another man. Gabriel is further pushed to the limits when Donte begins dating her daughter, Asia! Gabriel is forced to solve this mystery before this lie will destroy her marriage, life and job. This fact-finding, soul-stirring journey Gabriel now finds herself on, poses a conflict of interest not only in her professional life, but more importantly in her personal life.  After peeling back years of hurt, pain and secrets, Gabriel discovers the importance of forgiveness and unconditional love.



BronzeLens Official Selection

Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival

Switching Lanes
(Feature Film)

directed by Tommy Ford   

screenplay by Susan-Sojourna Collier


Imagine a small southern town where unspoken racism is the norm - in 2014. This is a reality for the citizens of Summerston, Georgia until two teenage girls, unsuspectingly - set out to change that reality. Living in a small Georgia town, both girls are high school track and field superstars in stiff competition against each other. Divided by a long-standing high school rivalry –  Kaneesha and Sarah  are able to forge a friendship against the warnings of their friends and families.  Kaneesha, an African-American teen raised on the “black side” of Summerston, has goals of becoming a track star. On the other side of town, Sarah, an energetic white teen also lives and breathes the sport of track and field daily.  Even though the girls are very familiar with one another through local sports media and fierce competitions against each other – they’ve maintained their separate yet equal life style until both girls are invited to represent their district together at the celebrated Track and Field Ambassador Retreat. Outside of their normal environment – Kaneesha and Sarah discover that they are more alike than not.  They share an ocean of mutual interests and inevitably develop an amazing friendship. However, their friendship is put to the test when they return to Summertson. This friendship sets off a thunderstorm of resentment from their friends, parents and even their church pastors. In a twist of fate, this bond leads to the uncovering of a tightly held secret – the girls are in fact twins. How can this be true when Kaneesha is black and Sarah is white? Thanks to a rare scientific quirk, Kaneesha and Sarah  - are truly one in a million twins.   This discovery sends shock waves through their small town and threatens to destroy everything Kaneesha and Sarah love.  Together, Kaneesha and Sarah learn the true meaning of courage and unity.

Festival Awards:

Official screening at the American Black Film Festival

A 16-week study to discover if bullies and bully victims can be reformed.


directed by Tommy Ford  

written by Susan-Sojourna Collier


Through My Lens is a documentary that examines the complicated world of bullying as it relates to the urban youth population. Each week, the youths are provided with mentors that discuss thought provoking topics and participate in training that will allow them to become production assistants in the television and film industry. The college staff also work as mentors which fills the participants with hope, inspiration, and encouragement and provide life coaching to help them heal. The documentary utilizes in-depth interviews and testimonies from bullying experts, historians, psychotherapists, social media trendsetters, reformed bullies and inner-city youth to paint a clear picture of this epidemic. To further shed light on this growing epidemic – personal testimonies of celebrities, athletes and bullying experts from across the country provide heart-wrenching stories. With each interview the audience will witness the personal struggles the young men face as they reconcile their role in the bullying epidemic. The goal is to see if this 16-week experience can change the lens, focus, exposure, and vision of these young people.

TML founders, Michelle Spence-Jones and Gail Seay teamed with Tommy Ford and Hank Stewart as executive producers with Viviane Brazil serving as producer and assistant director. The documentary writer is Susan-Sojourna Collier who is also one of the film’s producers alongside Tammy Williams and Kathleen Kelly. The team behind the scenes includes Technical Director-Terry Clarkston, Mental Health Expert, Dr. Sonayia Shepherd Akinlade, Tarra Jackson (Madam Money) who is Financial Literacy/Entrepreneur Trainer and Aaron Wiggins (Researcher/Social Worker).


Through My Lens: A Study of Bullying
Charge It to the Game:
Rippling Effects of Gun Violence in Brooklyn


executive produced by

Brooklyn District Attorney,

Charles Hines

directed by Joe Rodman 

written & produced by

Susan-Sojourna Collier 



Official Selection of the

Brooklyn Film Festival


BronzeLens Official Selection

Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival

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